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William CLARK b.1830

William CLARK

William (11) arrived in Wellington NZ  on the ship "London" with his brother Joseph (9) and under the care of his aunt Loisa FITCHETT and family.   In 1854 William opened a Drapery shop Lambton Quay Wellington and later that year married Margaret BEVAN

Thomas Bevan b.1801

Thomas BEVAN 1800 - 1881

Arrived in New Zealand on the "Lady Nugent" in 1840 with his remaining family.  A son, daughter and wife having died on the voyage.  His two eldest sons were listed seperately and overlooked in the family history records. 

George William Smith PHILLIPS b.1849


Arrived on the "Rob Roy" in Auckland in 1866 with his parents, brothers and sisters. The rest of the family left NZ for the USA when George became the husband of Jane Maria Gray in 1868. Jane had four husbands before George.

Alexander GRAY  Kotiro HINERANGI

Alexander GRAY &

This plaque is at the rear of the old church in Russell New Zealand. While both are buried separately on the church grounds, their actual gravesite plots are not known maybe due to wooden markers that have long since gone. Their children with descendants are Alexander, Margaret, Sophia and Jane. After Alexander GRAY  died in 1839, Kotiro (Mary) married William LORD and they had one daughter Lucy LORD. Along with Sophia and Jane these women were painted by prominent NZ painters.