William Clark age about 70

William CLARK 1830 - 1902   Draper,  Lambton Quay Wellington 1854 -  
Williams "Daily Sales Books" feature in NZ's' early settlement.
Auckland dress and textile historian Angela Lassig was researching in the Alexander Turnbull Library last year when she found the 'Day Books' of a Wellington draper who kept meticulous records for 20 years of his daily sales to his customers. He sold goods to all levels of society and to the government, military and the church. These day books record each customer's name and their purchases . . . A cashmere shawl, a pair of kid gloves, a velvet cloak, lace or braid or 6 yards of printed 'dimity'.
Angela Lassig received a research grant from the Friends of the Turnbull Library towards her project. She is working on the publication of an illustrated book on the history of women’s dress in nineteenth century New Zealand. Ms Lassig has drawn almost all her material from the rich and diverse collections of the Turnbull Library. She has found letters and diaries, cartoons and advertisements, sketchbooks and photographs, which will help to create an accessible social history for the study and enjoyment of New Zealand women’s dress and textile heritage. Selected images will be accompanied by detailed descriptions of the women, their clothing, their social circumstances and additional information such as about the dressmakers and drapery shops that may have been available to women at the time.        
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William CLARK b.1830

William CLARK  1830 - 1902

William arrived in NZ on the Ship London in 1842 with brother Joseph and in the care of their Auntie Louisa Fitchett. In 1854 William opened a Drapery shop Lambton Quay Wellington and later that year married Margaret BEVAN. Her arrival in NZ was on the Ship Lady Nugent in 1841.
They had  eleven off spring but there are only five descending families.  Four children died of Diphtheria and are listed on Williams Gravestone which can be seen on the home webpage.

Ship "London"

Walter M. CLARK 1870 - 1934

Walter Mace CLARK married Maud Annie PHILLIPS at Waverly near Hawera and they had four offspring.
Edna married CAMPBELL
William Gray CLARK
Thomas CLARK 
Elsdon CLARK


William Gray CLARK
1896 - 1981   Grave >

William married Edith LAWRENCE and the had three offspring.
Walter Lawrence CLARK
Douglas Elsdon CLARK

Walter L CLARK and Marjorie L CLARK

Walter L. CLARK  1921 - 1974

Walter Lawrence CLARK married Marjorie Lucy EDE and they had five offspring.
Carolyn CLARK

Angela Lassig

Day Book of William Clark features.

Angela Lassig is researching for a proposed book on a comprehensive history of clothing in 19th century New Zealand, she came across gold in the Alexander Turnbull Library. She found the vellum "day" books of a mid 19th-century clothier and draper in Lambton Quay Wellington. The books contained the handwritten records of 20 years of every purchase made in the draper store of William Clark. It's a fascinating insight into the shopping habits of women in particular in the 1850s.  

William Clark - Draper Wellington NZ

William CLARK arrived on the ship "London" on 12 Dec 1840 from England with his younger brother Joseph CLARK. They immigrated to New Zealand with their aunt Lousa FITCHETT's family. Williams father had died and his mother remarried and some time later settled in Australia.  In 1854 William CLARK started a Drapery business located at 120 Lambton Quay, Wellington. In the same year, married Margaret BEVAN whom had arrived 17 March 1841 on the barque "Lady Nugent"

William Clarks Day book

William Clark Drapery - Day book 1855

Walter and Marjorie Clark early images